Forthcoming Services

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S. Luke, Ev. (transf.) - Monday 19th12:30LM
Feria - Tuesday 20th07:45LM
Feria - Wednesday 21st10:00LM
Feria - Thursday 22nd07:45LM
Feria - Friday 23rd12:30LM
Feria - Saturday 24th10:00LM
Twentieth Sunday after Trinity - 25th October 202009:00SM
Alfred the Great, K. - Monday 26th12:30LM
Feria - Tuesday 27th07:45LM
SS Simeon and Jude, App - Wednesday 28th10:00LM
James Hannington, Bp & M. - Thursday 29th07:45LM
Feria - Friday 30th12:30LM
Feria - Saturday 31st10:00LM
ALL SAINTS - Sunday 1st November 202009:30SM
ALL SOULS (transf.) - Monday 2nd12:30LM
Feria; Commem. Richard Hooker, Pr.; Dedication of LSM - Tuesday 3rd07:45LM
Feria - Wednesday 4th10:00LM
Feria - Thursday 5th07:45LM
Feria; Commem. S. Leonard, Hermit - Friday 6th12:30LM
S. Willibrord of York, Bp - Saturday 7th10:00LM
Third Sunday before Advent; Remembrance Sunday - 8th November 202009:30SM
Feria - Monday 9th12:30LM

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In each case it only shows services which require altar servers. There is a fuller list on the main LSM website.

Today: S. Luke, Ev. (transf.) - Monday 19th October 2020