Forthcoming Services

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S. Hildegard of Bingen, Abbess & Dr - Friday 17th12:30LM
Feria - Saturday 18th10:00LM
Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity - 19th September 202109:30SM
John Coleridge Patteson, Bp, and Companions, MM - Monday 20th12:30LM
S. Matthew, Ap. & Ev. - Tuesday 21st07:45LM
Feria; Ember Day - Wednesday 22nd10:00LM
Feria - Thursday 23rd07:45LM
Our Lady of Walsingham; Ember Day - Friday 24th12:30LM
Lancelot Andrewes, Bp; Ember Day - Saturday 25th10:00LM
Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity - 26th September 202109:30SM
S. Vincent de Paul, Pr. - Monday 27th12:30LM
Feria - Tuesday 28th07:45LM
S. Michael and All Angels - Wednesday 29th10:00LM
Feria; Commem. S. Jerome, Pr. & Dr - Thursday 30th07:45LM
Feria; Commem. S. Remigius, Bp; S. Therese of Lisieux, V. & Dr - Friday 1st12:30LM
Holy Guardian Angels - Saturday 2nd10:00LM
Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity - 3rd October 202109:30SM
S. Francis of Assisi, Dn - Monday 4th12:30LM
Feria - Tuesday 5th07:45LM
S. Faith, V. & M. - Wednesday 6th10:00LM
Feria; Our Lady of the Rosary - Thursday 7th07:45LM
Feria - Friday 8th12:30LM

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In each case it only shows services which require altar servers. There is a fuller list on the main LSM website.

Today: S. Hildegard of Bingen, Abbess & Dr - Friday 17th September 2021